End of Arm Tooling

Traditionally End Of Arm Tooling also called End Effecter Tooling is designed and built using a limited set of standard components such as grippers, suction cup, Aluminum profiles, brackets… etc. In many cases this is just sufficient for simple applications tooling. For more complex scenarios the result is a very heavy tool, difficult to set up, maintain, and reduces the efficiency of the robot. Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printing process opens up the door for designers to think outside the boundaries of the standard components; they can design any component they need custom to the application and the size they require. Anubis 3D team has the capability and experience of designing functional mechanical parts for End Of Arm tooling. Applications include but are not limited to bottles pick and place, injection molding tooling and case packers. With the right design and Selective Laser Sintering “SLS” plastic strong and functional parts are manufactured to handle loads such as of a case packer.

The video shows an application of a tool for packing empty bottles in a box. The gripper is printed all as one assembly