3D Printing for

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) process is one of the most used 3D printing technologies in manufacturing. SLS has redefined the investment casting industry by eliminating the need to produce wax molds. From a 3D model, a low molecular weight polystyrene mold can be 3D printed. The light weight PS material is then coated to ensure a smooth surface and attached to the gating system. From there, the usual process is applied to coat and eventually melt out the PS material.

By 3D printing the pattern, no master pattern or mold is required. As such, the pattern can be modified at any time with no concern of having to produce a new mold.

When designing for Investment Casting, the SLS process offers the following benefits:

  • No Wax mold is required
  • No minimum quantity is required to justify investment casting
  • Multiple iterations can be casted all at once
  • Short lead time
  • Cost savings in low quantity production runs
  • Complex parts