3D Printing for

Jigs play an essential role in reducing the labor effort and achieving consistent product quality especially in assembly plants. Current limitations are the cost of designing and building the jig and the limitations of the traditional manufacturing processes. Using additive manufacturing allows for more elaborate designs and combined design features that make the designer creativity the only limitation.

The material offers sufficient strength to be used in heavy load applications as well as delicate applications such as electronics and appliances assembly. The material flexibility makes if resistant to fatigue.

With Additive Manufacturing, design complexity comes for free. In some cases more complex design can be less expensive to produce. This advantage makes Additive manufacturing the best choice for Jigs and Fixtures applications.

Some of the applications currently using 3D printed Jigs and fixtures are:

  • Layup Tooling
  • Wire Organizers
  • Quality Check Fixtures
  • Hand Rout Fixtures
  • Trim & Drill Fixture Master
  • Assembly Fixtures
  • Post Process Check Fixture
  • Net Trim Nesting Fixture