Z-Corp Process

Z Corp. 3D printers use standard inkjet printing technology to create parts layer-by-layer by depositing a liquid binder onto thin layers of powder. The Z Corp. system requires powder to be distributed accurately and evenly across the build platform.

Once the layer of powder is spread, the inkjet print heads print the cross-sectional area for the first, or bottom slice of the part onto the smooth layer of powder, binding the powder together.

Z Corp. applies the proven 2D color inkjet methodology to 3D printing and produces the only 3D printers with 24- bit, full-color capabilities.

The parts are then finished using Cyanoacrylate - The Cyanoacrylate option involves removal of all excess powder and smoothing of excessively rough areas. The part then will be infiltrated with cyanoacrylate (super glue) to give it strength.


  • Print in color
  • Good for parts for visual aid and concept models
  • Low cost


  • Low impact strength
  • Low accuracy